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Our Projects

S/Y Panacea

Little Harbor 62' 


A vessel we have taken full time management of, responsible for deliveries, guest sails and day to day maintenance.  We were also fortunate enough to be asked to manage a full refit of the vessel at the Hinckley Shipyard in Portsmouth, RI over the 2016 to 2017 winter season. 

S/Y Northern Star


Hinckley 72' 


A chance to sail this incredible custom Hinckley from St. Maarten, DWI to Newport, RI.  As well as taking on the aging electrical system and making sure that everything ran the way it should during the days of offshore sailing.  An impressive boat and interesting project we would love to take on again.

S/Y Two


Alia 82' July 2015


An excellent trip up the East Coast on the Alia 82' sailing yacht Two.  A week of serious prep on the dock in Fort Lauderdale to make sure that all was ready for the long sail up to Newport, RI.  All the usual systems checked, rechecked and services where needed.  Working with a great captain of the vessel and other team memebers it was a real joy to be part of the voyage.

S/Y Altair


Sparkman & Stephens 96' 2014 - 2015


A long term project we were fortunate to be part of.  The Captain and Owner laid the vessel up in Fort Lauderdale for a full brand new paint job.  We were contracted to remove all the wood work, winches, and hardware from the vessel prior to painting.  Including all 206' of beautiful varnished cap rail, a slow careful job.  We were also engaged to ensure it was all properly catalogued and stored for when it came time to replace all the hundreds of pieces of hardware and fasteners that were removed.

Wonderfully for us we were then invited back to help sail the vessel in the St. Barth’s Bucket, and on to a cruise for the owner and his guests to Dominica, Guadeloupe, and Antigua.  As well as contracted to stand as watch officers for deliveries from St. Thomas to Fort Lauderdale, and Fort Lauderdale to New York, NY.

M/Y Xerxseas II


Pershing 88' Fall 2014


A challenging project working on a full refit.  Filling in the role of a First Officer and Engineer, with a great team that were all working together to complete a bow to stern rebuild.  This vessel was fully repainted, and partially rebuilt.  With new decks, and a new aft deck layout.  As well as adding a multitude of technologies from the radar arch to below the waterline.  The interior of the vessel was also completely redone to the exacting specifications of the owner.  A project that took all our management skills to work with and around contractors to get all the items on the punch list completed on time and to spec.

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