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Our Expertise

An example of the range of services that we can provide for you and your vessel.  Just a short review of options, please do contact us with your details so we can tailor a program to suit your needs.
Planned Maintenance 

We all know a boat needs constant attention. From oil changes to wash downs, and every ascpect in between that requires our time and efforts.

Let us worry about these things for you.  We can decide what is important to you and set a firm schedule to complete these tasks, and leave you free to enjoy your time on board.

Exterior Care

Your vessel is a magnificent creation of naval architecture, your dreams, and hours of loving craftsmanship.  It should always shine and sparkle.

Paint, gel coat, stainless steel can all suffer the ravages of the marine environment.  The salt water and air can degrade the highest quality of materials.  We have experience on yachts of all shapes and sizes, and we bring that to your vessel to restore her to her deserved grandeur.

Yacht Deliveries

Sailing away on the great blue yonder is why we love these vessels in the first place.  Though we dont always have the time, or the weather is being disagreeable to do it ourselves.

With our highly experienced crew, let us make sure your vessel is where you can get the most enjoyment out of it.  We will deal with the long nights, weather routing, and cold and wet for you.

Shipyard Managment

Every boat needs its day in the shipyard, for anything from simple bottom painting to inspections, and heavier repair work. They can be a dusty, noisy, confusing environment. Having experience in shipyards around the world we can streamline all the paperwork, and manage the contractors to get your boat out and back on the water quickly and efficiently.

Interior Detailing

Beautiful wood finishes, soft comfortable furnishing, and personal decorations all add up to the joys of being on the water in your vessel. Your home away from home.

Sadly like any home, they all collect dust, dirt, and wear with use.  Let us be your on the water housekeepers.  We can detail the interior of your vessel so you would think it just rolled out of the showroom. 

Provisioning Services

Those fine meals, and wonderful glasses of wine at sunset.  The cocktails and h'orderves with friends and family, in that secret anchorage.  It is a big part of what yachting is all about.

Hours dredging though supermarkets and deli's, carrying the heavy goods all over parking lots and docks and having to stow them all somewhere. That is not a fun part of any trip.  Let us take care of the grunt work for you.


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